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2 January
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DAWG POUND!!! #24 - Joker's Girl!

Yes I am obsessed...
because I love him.

I'll see you there ninjaz!


Come Juggalos!

Something...is wrong with me...
I can't be who I need to be...
Something...is wrong with me...
Will it last for eternity?
Please don't walk away,
I want you to hear what I gotta say.
I never had anyone ever care for me,
I never had anyone ever there for me.

If you would listen to me instead of callin me names,
I would explain why I'm shakin and I'm goin insane.
My mind is on vacation,
Like a conversation,
I'm like a radio, with static on every station.
Still I wanna know will I be normal again
You say it's bullshit and tell me that it's all pretend
But if it's false then why don't the demons just disapear?
And if it's untrue then why am I seein them crystal clear?
Because I do, the mirror is turnin blue.
And soul after soul keeps walkin right through.
They're livin in my house and livin inside my head,
Some sleep inside the closet, others sleep under the bed.
-Twiztid - Wrong With Me-

<333 Rob

Joker and Screams

Don't be afraid to love.. not loving someone, anyone, is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Rob, I love you and will continue to love you forever and always. 07.24.04